225x1.75x27.5 Garage Door Replacement Torsion Spring

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Replacement torsion spring for garage door. This spring has a 225 wire and is 1 3/4 inch in diameter. Spring length of 27.5 inches.

This one spring has an IPPT of 32.77. It can handle up to 8.25 full turns. Please research how many turns is required for your particular door. It is recommended to replace both springs if your garage door has two springs. 

Torsion Springs are coated and oil tempered. Springs are factory coated black for smoother, cleaner operation. Minimum 10,000 cycles, Springs are made of steel coils with aluminum cones.

*This spring is the equivalent to a 225x2x24.5.

Tools required to install are a 7/16 open face wrench, vice grips, & professional winding bars.

**springs are warrantied from manufacture defects for 3 years. We do not accept returns if the springs have been installed. See return policy for more details. 



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