Welcome to Garage Door Store! We want to attempt to answer any questions you may have about our company, products, or the process of buying from us. We know that buying online takes trust and we hope to build that with you. 


We've collected some common questions from customers and listed them below for your review. If we don't answer your questions, feel free to contact us. For your convenience we offer many forms of communication for your convenience. You can call, text, email, or chat with us. You can even message us on social media. We will respond and answer any questions you may have. 

Popular Questions:

Do you ship?

Currently, we do not ship. We're a young company and we're working toward providing shipping but at this time we only offer delivery and pickup. 

Do you except returns?

We do except returns if the product is returned in the same condition it was when you purchased it. In some cases, like circuit boards, we are unable to accept returns because they are in a sealed electrostatic discharge packaging. Ideally, we would do our best to make sure you are buying the right parts so you don't have to return it. We're here to answer questions. All returns must be returned within 7 days from pickup or delivery date.

Why should I buy a garage door from Garage Door Store instead of Homedepot or Lowes? 

This is a great question and one we get commonly. Homedepot and Lowes are great and you can trust their brand to eventually get it right if they make a mistake. We however, are and have been in the garage door industry. For a while and launched this solution because many of the processes with the big box stores are broken. Our sister company installed for one of those big box stores and by the time we got to the install date we experienced customers who were frustrated with the process. We believe we can do it better by cutting out the box store and allowing you to purchase from the source. 

Will Garage Door Store install the door for me? 

Garage Door Store doesn't currently offer installation services but our sister company can install the door for you. After purchase let us know and we can provide a quote to install the door (s) for you. 

Will you come to my home and help me measure my garage?

Yes, we will. simply purchase the site check and we will call you to schedule an appointment to come out and measure the garage to ensure you are buying the right size for your home. This service is limited based on your geographical location. 

Can I come to your location and purchase?

Absolutely! We'd love to have you. If you come to the shop, you can bring your parts with you and we can match them up.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, and credit card. 

What hours are you open?

We are open from 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday. You can call before or after hours and we will do our best to answer or return your call. Pickup's on the weekend are by appointment only. 



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