LiftMaster/Chamberlain WLED Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

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The LiftMaster/Chamberlain WLED Belt Drive Garage Door Opener provides proven reliability and durability with built in LED lights. 

** If you do not already have a Chamberlain or LiftMaster belt drive rail, you will need to purchase the rail in combination with the opener in order for the 8550W to work. 


  • MyQ Technology that now comes with Wi-Fi®, activates safe monitoring and allows control of your garage door opener with your personal smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Alerts are received in the form of an email or pop-up (push) notifications on your smart device, informing the status of your garage door.
  • MyQ mobile app is a downloadable addition for FREE - requiring no annual activation fee. 
    (Smart devices such as phone, tablet, or laptop not included.)


  • Corner to Corner Lighting™ allows for visibility in your entire garage.
  • 3,100 Lumens gives daytime equal lighting.
  • P3™ Motors ensure reliability and durability.
  • DC Motor Belt System provides powerful & ultra noise-reduced  performance.
  • Battery Backup allows safe access into your garage during a power outage.
  • Dependable warranty offers lifetime coverage of your motor and belt, five years on the parts, and one year on the battery.

Safety and Security

  • Purpose-built LED System allows for a garage that is safer and that has increased security.
  • Automatic Garage Door Lock Capable – this setting deadbolt locks your garage door, making it inaccessible (2 max., sold separately as 841LM.)
  • Security+ 2.0® safely monitors garage access – after every click a new code is sent to your garage door opener making certain your door does not randomly open.
  • PosiLock® locks your garage door by electronically guarding against a forced entry.
  • Timer-to-Close automatically closes your garage door after a pre-set time of your choice.
  • Alert-2-Close Alert System that allows for audible and visual warnings when your garage door is about to close using MyQ Technology or Timer-to-Close.
  • Motion Detector is merged into your Smart Control Panel® allowing fast detection and lighting of your garage.
  • The Protector System® includes safety sensors that shine an unseen light beam across your garage door opening, automatically sending the door back up if any object interrupts the beam.

Included Accessories:

  • 880LMW Smart Control Panel® LCD display allows simple programing and editing of your settings.
  • 893MAX 3-Button Remote Control controls up to 3 openers or myQ Light accessories
  • 485LM Integrated Battery Backup gives power to the opener when power outages occur 


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