Where Can You Buy A Garage Door Strut?

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Where Can You Buy A Garage Door Strut?

We get calls every day asking if we sell garage door struts. Struts are a U shaped metal braces that are screwed into the back of the door. They support the door's weight when it is in the up position and protect it from being damaged by the opener. 

Many garage door companies do not sell struts without installing them as a company for two reasons: Struts are typically the length of the garage door which makes them difficult to ship, and companies want to protect their service revenue by providing and installing the piece themselves. However, we understand the need to purchase the struts as an individual homeowner. Not everyone has enough money to hire a professional, and struts don't require a lot of knowledge to install correctly.

It is important to replace your struts at the first sign of damage because they are critical to the health of your garage door. Without a strut across the top section of the garage door, many doors crack or get damaged due to the garage door opener. This is why a strut across the top of the door is required if you add an opener to the door. In fact, without a strut, you void your manufacturer warranty on your new opener.

We sell struts to our local customers with either in-store pick up or delivery within a certain radius of our store. We have looked into shipping, but we have found that it doesn’t make sense because the shipping costs run higher than the price of the strut itself. That is why it's best if you can find it locally. We are an Atlanta-based parts store, but we have connections across the country and have helped customers in other states get their struts. 

If you need a garage door strut to brace the back of your garage door, consider The Garage Door Store. We're located in Buford, GA about 20 - 30 minutes north of Atlanta near the Mall of Georgia. We keep struts in stock so if you purchase it on our website, we can call you as soon as we confirm it's ready to pick up. 

Contact us at 678-329-9903 for any questions you have!

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