Top 3 Secrets To Reduce Noise On Your Garage Door

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Top 3 Secrets To Reduce Noise On Your Garage Door

Hello DIY homeowners! We will keep this short and sweet for you. We get a lot of DIY'ers looking to reduce noise while their garage door is in operation. Here we're going to tackle the three best ways to accomplish this goal. 

  1. Lubricate Hinges - Hinges keep your garage door together by connecting the various sections that make up your door. They are metal, so without lubrication they tend to create a scraping noise when the door goes up and down. That is why it is important to lubricate your hinges often to ensure the smooth transition of your garage door and reduce noise. When lubricating your hinges, always use a silicone-based lubricant. 
  2. Nylon Rollers - Garage door rollers are wheels that run inside metal tracks in order to roll your garage door up and down. Yours could be noisy because they are uneven on the track, not sufficiently lubricated, or made of plastic or metal. For a quieter garage door system, consider investing in Nylon rollers. They are great for reducing noise because they are lightweight like plastic but can support heavier loads like metal. Overall, replacing plastic or metal rollers with nylon rollers will help reduce noise and allow you entire garage door system to run smoother.
  3. Belt Drive or Side Mount Opener - The most expensive option to reduce the noise of your garage door system is purchasing a belt drive or side mount opener. Side mount openers are installed on the wall next to your garage door which frees overhead space and reduces vibrations. They are the quietest opener and a growing trend among homeowners that want to upgrade their garage systems. Belt drive openers operate on a belt instead of a chain to move your garage door. They are also considered a quality opener for their noise reduction and longevity without servicing. Options such as screw drive or chain drive can be cheaper up front, but they do tend to cost more in maintenance and are by far the loudest options. Consider the LiftMaster 8500W, 8550W, and 8550W-LED openers for replacing your current noisy opener.

See a theme? Garage doors have a lot of metal. Metal on metal will always make noise regardless of what you do, but you can reduce noise by following the above tips. For any questions about this blog or to get more information on replacing parts of your garage door system, call Garage Door Store at 678-329-9903!



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