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We get calls every day asking if we sell garage door struts. Struts are a U shaped metal braces that are screwed into the back of the door. They support the door's weight when it is in the up position and protect it from being damaged by the opener.  Many garage door companies do not sell struts without installing them as a company for two reasons: Struts are typically the length of the garage door which makes them difficult to ship, and companies want to protect their service revenue by providing and installing the piece themselves. However, we understand the...

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We're going to discuss how to buy garage door springs for DIY. First, the question is: Why is it so hard to find garage door springs? Well, it can be a dangerous job if you don't have the proper tools or knowledge. Because of this, many companies require a strict disclaimer if they do allow you to purchase from them (us included). Our store, Garage Door Store, is based north of Atlanta in Buford. We sell garage door torsion springs direct to consumers, and we also have a contractor program.  If you want to purchase springs from us, you need...

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Hello DIY homeowners! We will keep this short and sweet for you. We get a lot of DIY'ers looking to reduce noise while their garage door is in operation. Here we're going to tackle the three best ways to accomplish this goal.  Lubricate Hinges - Hinges keep your garage door together by connecting the various sections that make up your door. They are metal, so without lubrication they tend to create a scraping noise when the door goes up and down. That is why it is important to lubricate your hinges often to ensure the smooth transition of your garage...

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