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We're going to discuss how to buy garage door springs for DIY. First, why is it so hard to find garage door springs? It can be a dangerous job if you don't have the proper tools or you don't know what you're doing. Many companies require a strict disclaimer if you purchase (thats us). We're based north of Atlanta in Buford and we sell garage door torsion springs direct to consumers and we have a contractor program.  1) What size garage door spring should you get?  Buying garage door springs can be difficult. You first need to understand the different...

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Hello DIY homeowners! We will keep this short and sweet for you. We get a lot of DIY'ers looking to reduce noise while their garage door is in operation. So we're going to tackle the top 3 best ways to accomplish your goals.  Lubricate Hinges - Hinges are metal and without lubrication they tend to create a scraping noise when the door goes up and down. It's important to use a silicone based lubricant.  Nylon Rollers - Nylon rollers are great for reducing noise. We still have a lot of metal rollers rolling through metal track. Replacing plastic or metal...

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